Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fall In Love Every Times

A friend of mine said: “You look prettier nowadays. Are you falling in love?”

Some poems said that when you are in love, you could be a poet

Yes, I’ve been fall in love and many many times before it

I really want to fall in love every time

Fall in love with this anything in this life

Falling in love with the music, books, movies, TV programs, bus, city, dust, food, Internet, Yahoo Messenger, friends, girls, boys, babies, traffic jam, traffic hour, deadline, drinks, computer, shoes, emails, writings, flowers, river, rainbow, rain, sky, moon, sunshine, morning, noon, night, balloon, singer, writer, scientist, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera..

Yes, I wanna fall in love every times I want…

I love you all!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Simple Wishes

aku ingin bisa tetap idealis tapi tidak kelaparan
aku ingin tetap bisa jadi ibu yang baik tapi tidak gagal di karir
aku ingin bisa tetap bermain dengan si kecil tapi kerjaan tidak berantakan
aku ingin tetap bisa beli buku tapi tidak kekurangan uang
aku ingin tetap bisa jadi perempuan yang manis tapi tidak terkesan kampungan
aku ingin tetap jadi sosok yang tegar tanpa jadi vulgar
aku ingin tetap jadi sahabat yang baik tanpa harus merasa terbebani
aku ingin tetap jadi diri sendiri tanpa harus jadi egois
aku ingin tetap jadi apa adanya tanpa harus kehilangan kesempatan disukai
aku ingin tetap menjadi lebih baik dari hari ini

keinginan-keinginan sederhana
tapi sulit diwujudkan
sulit itu bukan berarti tidak mungkin kan?


I want I could stare you without my heart click faster

I want to feel easily when I checked the emails

I want to remove the desire to send messages for you

I want to believe that love is never exist

But the best friend of me told me not to do that

Because it’s just hurts.

But how hurt I am if I can not stop it all?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Perfect Picture

Are you the perfect picture that I am looking for?
Nobody is perfect, wise man said
But at least every one of us has a desire to make a perfect picture about our future

I am not so sure that you are my perfect picture
But no matter just fill the empty side of my heart
Thanks for being the sketch of my perfect picture
No matter if you are not my real perfect picture in reality
As you know, I am a dreamer...hard core dreamer!
The real dreamer has no regret!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Brand New Days

This is not my birthday
Not a New Year Day
Not a Christmas Day
Not even a Valentine Day (who care?)
I'ts just a day
When my brand new days just begin nowadays

So nice to know there's so many flowers are bloom out there
So glad to see that many things could make me smile and cry
No matter it's only a sad movie, ballad song or a book that friend give away

I am Blossom
Ajeng is Bubble
Eno is Buttercup
We are the real Power Puff Girls
We have the brand new days
I have the brand new days

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Branding My Self...

Be My self. That's advice is expired already I think. A few times a go I'got great deep chit chat with Irfan setiaputra, a country manager of Cisco System Indonesia. That humorous smart man said to me: "Every person has sales skill, a skill to promoter theirself. But sometimes all of us feel that we don't have it."

Irfan is a one of some people who could make branding of theirself. Almost of us are proud with our skill. But not all of us could make an image branding.

Yeah, could I do branding of my self?

Okay, let see. So far I just so exticing with my new web, Netsains.Com and still searching to branding it also. Branding my self and my ideas...ohh how difficult!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Seriuosly, Please

There’s so many kind of person’s characters. The quited person. Chatter person. Humorous. Seriuos. Et cetera.

What kind of character am I?


Sometimes I am a chatter person. On the 4 hours journey Jakarta-Sukabumi, I could chat all the time without break! My friends called me: Out of order radio station alias “radio rusak”.

In my office, when the Internet is down and I already drunk 3 mugs of coffee, I could easily chat all day long but still do the others job as write some articles, eat, watch TV, listen to music, etc.

But sometimes I could be a silent person who don’t care what the hell around me. Just live in my own world.

“Seriously please, Mer,” my friends often told me if I tell too many jokes.

Okay, I will try to be a seriuos person right now. Hey, don’t laught at me! I am seriuos!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Cup of Coffee and Politic

While I enjoy a cup of coffee at "warung", suddenly there's a mockingbird fly close to me. She whispers to me... "What do you think about politic, Merry?"

Politic? Yes I have been there before. When I was a enthusiastic student at a private institute in Jakarta. A long long time a go, I was an robust youth rebel that so optimist that my fellows could change this country, this nation. We demonstrate all days long, yelled many slogans. Even I was a participant for Partai Rakyat Demokratik (PRD), a youth politic party that very popular with lefty idealism those days.

Politic? Yeah, I’ve seen many tragedies happened in this nation. Corruptions, election day, reformation, disasters, money politic, so so so many made me sick.

Politic now? No, thanks. Politic is just lika a religion. When you involved too deep, too fanatic, you will be a sadistic killer. I prefer to be a normally ideal human being as my heart guide me.

The duty of every human is to be a human, Pramoedya wrote.
What kind of human? A normal off course. Not a human who drove by politic needs or religion that makes any profit only for “OKNUM”.

Politic again, Mam? No, thanks. I prefer to enjoy my coffee. Spending my time with my kid, my friends, my communities, my neighborhood, and trying to be their goodfellas. Good human being who don’t hurt each others. Good friend for everybody, help each others….

Politic? Oh, shut up!

Monday, January 22, 2007

What do You Feel Being an Indonesian Nerd?

Finally, the event is running. All the controversial statements among Open Source Software (OOS) just gone with the wind. Some friends told me that Bona never invite them to his event. Some friends said that Bona bla bla bla. But Onno told me that Asia Source 2 is the participant event, not invitation event. Whoever could involved if they want by registered theirself from the web. Hmm maybe Indonesian is not familiar with that procedure. We as Indonesian prefer to be the invited guest that the participant? Dunno.

Romi said to me, “Actually, there’s no serious conflick among us. Just miscommunication. The problem between Information Technology (IT) community is just communication.”

Ah come on, Romi. Not only those community, but almost all of us has the same field problem. But okay, we could say that the IT people is the most part who has the communication problem.

“We are the nerd,” Kusmayanto told us in the meeting with Open Source community, last weekend in his office. Nobody blame him. Maybe because all of the people are agree with his statement.

What is nerd? Wikipedia wrote: “Nerd, as a stereotypical or archetypal designation, refers to somebody who passionately pursues intellectual or esoteric, rather than having a healthy social life, participating in organized sports, or other mainstream activities. The Merriam-Webster definition is an "unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially: one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits."

So, that’s a double impact. A communication problem as Indonesian and as a nerd.

Hmm.. so how do you feel as Indonesian nerd, my friends????


Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Why my Indonesia is never have any progress from his Independence Day, August 17, 1945? I think I could answer it. Because we never never never have good communication each other. Who? All of us. People to government, government to people. And how unlucky me, becoming a part of media who should make them communicate.

It began when I wrote a news about Asia Source II that will be arrange on January 22-30, 2007. That’s an event where Open Source geeks from about 20 Asia Pacific countries will make a digital camp. “Sharing the knowledge,” said the coordinator, Bona, who is my friend also. This friend of mine said they don’t involve Indonesia, Go Open Source (IGOS), a program powered by Ministry of Research and Technology (Ristek). So, Mr. Kusmayanto Kadiman, The Minister, complain about it. He said to me that his office invited by Onno Purbo, Bona’s friend. Okay, maybe it’s just misscommunication.

But that’s not the end of the problem. As a journalist, is normal if I ask to make a report about the event. I want to make reporting from Sukabumi, the location of the event. Suddenly, Ristek’s PR call me that they initiated to handle the media coordination. Hmm I just realize there’s something wrong here. Asia Source is not Ristek’s program. Not at all. But why they’re took it?

“The minister will be a keynote speaker, Mer,” Bona told me from SMS.
“We did had a conversation last night and we will handle the media stuffs,” said Wawan, Ristek’s PR. “We also want you to help us to coordinate all the medias who want to follow us to Sukabumi.”

As a goodhearted person, I just said yes. Then I published it to the journalist mailing list. A brief invitation that if there any journalist who want to go to the event, could make a registration to me. And then so many journalist friends call me. Asked about where the location, where the legal invitation, the program schedule, etc. Hey, I don’t know anything about all of that! I am not the legal coordinator.

So I tried to ask it to Bona or Ristek’s PR. But too hard to reach them from the cell phone or office phone. Oh please! What the hell is goin on? Am I a fucking looser or what? How could we have a better quality of life if you can not communicate each other so well??

That just a sample how difficult to make a good communication between government (Ristek), people (Bona) and media (me). That’s only one case between the thousands and millions case in this country.

Monday, January 15, 2007

About Qualified Time

This year, I start with loosing a writing project from my big client. Meanwhile I feel "desperado". But as any others moody person, I always changed easily. With that pending project, I have widder time to hang with my Libby. I get many qualified times with myself and my friends, so do to my main job.
I told it to my friend. So we could start to realize our obsession to make a web project that still "off the record" untill this day.
All people need some qualified time. A time that we could feel, think, enjoy, without any kind of "deadline" things. A time that we can use something cool, not just because you had to do it only for money or material. I don't suggest that all of my times are exposed to business or what. But in these recent days I just bussier with many stuffs to get money and money because I have no enough money.
Now, I just get relax, slow down my feet. And trying to have some qualified times. Amen!

Pretty Moron Statement

Husni is really laugh at me. “How could you said that your blog have been hacked?” Yeah. Maybe it’s just my silly stupid statement. How could? I have many hacker friends here and it’s too shame to say “someone did hacked my previous blog”

I think I am just lazzy enough to check what's wrong with my old fucking blog that disappear from the net. Thanks, Husni! Just have no idea why do my left brain is pretty moron to analize about some few geek things.

My Previous Blog is Hacked!

Gee..someone did hacked my previous blog. Just knew it from some friends who told me. Nevermind. I always could start the new one. Still I could find all the files also in the Blogger account.

Somethings are missings, all comments from my whole blog "fans". A friend of mine said the uniqely about my "ex blog" is the comments battle from many commentator who pros and kontras with my opinions. The tittle itself was controversial enough, Revolusi Seksual or Sexual Revolution. And it's contents my articles about how hard being a woman in Indonesia, an patriarch country. Sure, many patriacrhy males and females was angry with my revolutionary opinions and ideas.

Maybe someday I will repost it again in English. Yeah, someday.

And now I begin to post my blog in English. So sorry if my English is terrible. You know what, Indonesian is not have English as main language here. And the majority of my people seems affraid to practice their English. Why? If you are an Indonesian and you talk in English in public area, so everybody around you will call you SNOB. Aarrgh. No wonder my English never better than ever. But I am trying so hard to practice my English here. Please don't laugh at me. Please deh ah!