Monday, January 15, 2007

My Previous Blog is Hacked!

Gee..someone did hacked my previous blog. Just knew it from some friends who told me. Nevermind. I always could start the new one. Still I could find all the files also in the Blogger account.

Somethings are missings, all comments from my whole blog "fans". A friend of mine said the uniqely about my "ex blog" is the comments battle from many commentator who pros and kontras with my opinions. The tittle itself was controversial enough, Revolusi Seksual or Sexual Revolution. And it's contents my articles about how hard being a woman in Indonesia, an patriarch country. Sure, many patriacrhy males and females was angry with my revolutionary opinions and ideas.

Maybe someday I will repost it again in English. Yeah, someday.

And now I begin to post my blog in English. So sorry if my English is terrible. You know what, Indonesian is not have English as main language here. And the majority of my people seems affraid to practice their English. Why? If you are an Indonesian and you talk in English in public area, so everybody around you will call you SNOB. Aarrgh. No wonder my English never better than ever. But I am trying so hard to practice my English here. Please don't laugh at me. Please deh ah!


Sheila said...

Waaaah...! Pantes aja gue gak bisa akses ke blog lo, Mer.

Alay said...

ha? so that's why i can't read your new thoughts on the blog..

it's nice to see you back!