Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Brand New Days

This is not my birthday
Not a New Year Day
Not a Christmas Day
Not even a Valentine Day (who care?)
I'ts just a day
When my brand new days just begin nowadays

So nice to know there's so many flowers are bloom out there
So glad to see that many things could make me smile and cry
No matter it's only a sad movie, ballad song or a book that friend give away

I am Blossom
Ajeng is Bubble
Eno is Buttercup
We are the real Power Puff Girls
We have the brand new days
I have the brand new days


aura-azzura said...

PPG melesat angkasa
bermain di langit
beralaskan awan
mencari ujung pelangi

Kami tertawa
Kami kuat
Kami mandiri

Kami saling menyayangi, saling sharing
Kami PPG bermain di langit biru
Kami PPG siap menyambut hari baru.....

'nadia' is nadia said...

yep, i've had a brand-new-day too. such a wonderful feeling.