Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Cup of Coffee and Politic

While I enjoy a cup of coffee at "warung", suddenly there's a mockingbird fly close to me. She whispers to me... "What do you think about politic, Merry?"

Politic? Yes I have been there before. When I was a enthusiastic student at a private institute in Jakarta. A long long time a go, I was an robust youth rebel that so optimist that my fellows could change this country, this nation. We demonstrate all days long, yelled many slogans. Even I was a participant for Partai Rakyat Demokratik (PRD), a youth politic party that very popular with lefty idealism those days.

Politic? Yeah, I’ve seen many tragedies happened in this nation. Corruptions, election day, reformation, disasters, money politic, so so so many made me sick.

Politic now? No, thanks. Politic is just lika a religion. When you involved too deep, too fanatic, you will be a sadistic killer. I prefer to be a normally ideal human being as my heart guide me.

The duty of every human is to be a human, Pramoedya wrote.
What kind of human? A normal off course. Not a human who drove by politic needs or religion that makes any profit only for “OKNUM”.

Politic again, Mam? No, thanks. I prefer to enjoy my coffee. Spending my time with my kid, my friends, my communities, my neighborhood, and trying to be their goodfellas. Good human being who don’t hurt each others. Good friend for everybody, help each others….

Politic? Oh, shut up!