Thursday, July 12, 2007

Branding My Self...

Be My self. That's advice is expired already I think. A few times a go I'got great deep chit chat with Irfan setiaputra, a country manager of Cisco System Indonesia. That humorous smart man said to me: "Every person has sales skill, a skill to promoter theirself. But sometimes all of us feel that we don't have it."

Irfan is a one of some people who could make branding of theirself. Almost of us are proud with our skill. But not all of us could make an image branding.

Yeah, could I do branding of my self?

Okay, let see. So far I just so exticing with my new web, Netsains.Com and still searching to branding it also. Branding my self and my ideas...ohh how difficult!!!