Thursday, April 12, 2007

Seriuosly, Please

There’s so many kind of person’s characters. The quited person. Chatter person. Humorous. Seriuos. Et cetera.

What kind of character am I?


Sometimes I am a chatter person. On the 4 hours journey Jakarta-Sukabumi, I could chat all the time without break! My friends called me: Out of order radio station alias “radio rusak”.

In my office, when the Internet is down and I already drunk 3 mugs of coffee, I could easily chat all day long but still do the others job as write some articles, eat, watch TV, listen to music, etc.

But sometimes I could be a silent person who don’t care what the hell around me. Just live in my own world.

“Seriously please, Mer,” my friends often told me if I tell too many jokes.

Okay, I will try to be a seriuos person right now. Hey, don’t laught at me! I am seriuos!!!