Monday, January 15, 2007

About Qualified Time

This year, I start with loosing a writing project from my big client. Meanwhile I feel "desperado". But as any others moody person, I always changed easily. With that pending project, I have widder time to hang with my Libby. I get many qualified times with myself and my friends, so do to my main job.
I told it to my friend. So we could start to realize our obsession to make a web project that still "off the record" untill this day.
All people need some qualified time. A time that we could feel, think, enjoy, without any kind of "deadline" things. A time that we can use something cool, not just because you had to do it only for money or material. I don't suggest that all of my times are exposed to business or what. But in these recent days I just bussier with many stuffs to get money and money because I have no enough money.
Now, I just get relax, slow down my feet. And trying to have some qualified times. Amen!

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Munawir said...

hmm... blog baru nih... beres bu... linknyaudah aku ganti :)